Tiny Eyes

Apr. 9th, 2017 02:34 pm
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 Migraine symptoms, even sans head pain, gives me what I call "tiny eyes." They get small and puffy and dry, and it doesn't seem related to allergies, because it doesn't happen when I have an allergy event, only migraine.

Like the world-over, temps have been crazy in Chicago. It was in the 20's two days ago. Yesterday was in the 60's and pretty pleasant. But last night, I began to feel signs of migraine coming on. So. Today I give you...or me, really...TINY EYES. Yick. Of course, that's not the only sign. I feel gross and achey and fatigued, as well. *shrug* 

In a couple of hours, I head over to take care of Trey, one of my regular cats I care for. He's my sweet. Having to go into the world feeling crappy means planning ahead. Earplugs. Food. Water. Sunglasses no matter what. And plenty of time so I can move a bit slower. Because I can't make myself move faster when I'm in this state. I have tried and it is not good. *snort* There is falling down and making mistakes of several types when I'm tiny-eyed and fuzzy-braiined and hurty. 

I will now have a small bite to eat and prep for my outing. I've already decided to not go to Aldi for greens and wait till tomorrow, instead.

Okay Then

Apr. 6th, 2017 11:26 pm
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Here I am, signed, sealed, delivered.

I have an OpenID account here under "ravengirl," but I couldn't seem to use it to create a journal on DW.

HAHA! omg. Now I can't get DW to believe that I am ravengirl on LJ! So I can't crosspost. wtf. 

NOW I think I can crosspost. Geez.


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